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IP Connectivity & Bandwidth Co-location Web & Email Hosting About Us
Westin Bulding Co-location: Seattle, WA US

If you need Co-location services in the Greater Seattle / Puget Sound Area, Apvio can make the difference you need to stay ahead. In addition to our exceptional global Internet connectivity, our Seattle co-location datacenter is designed to provide optimal connectivity and reliability to businesses needing a point-of-presence (POP) in the Pacific Northwest and British Columbia (BC) Canada.

Apvio Co-location services offer a secure, reliable, and cost effective Internet infrastructure solution. Our Seattle datacenter, located in the Westin Building, provides a world-class environment for mission-critical infrastructure and operations.

Westin Building Co-location Options & Pricing

Type Power Keycards Price
1U (1.75in) 2 amps 1 Detail
Quarter Cabinet (10U) - 1/4 8 amps 1 Detail
Half Cabinet (20U) - 1/2 20 amp circuit (15 amp max load) 2 Detail
Full Cabinet (44U) 20 amp circuit (15 amp max load) 2 Detail
  • One year term required. Discounts may be available on multi-year terms.
  • First and last months rack rental and any setup fees due upon commencement of contract.

Optional Services

Item Description Price
Additional Power 1 amp of additional power Detail
Additional 20A Power Circuit Provides up to an additional 15 amps of usable power Detail
Managed Power Outlet Remotely controllable power outlet (remote reboots, etc.) Detail
Managed PDU (Power Strip) Remotely controllable power strip for remote reboots and power monitoring (includes 8 ports) Detail

Westin Building Co-location Support

Type Rate
Standard Support (Remote Hands, Facilities Escort) $75.00
After-Hours Support (Remote Hands, Facilities Escort) $150.00
  • Remote Hands - Services provided by an Apvio representative on customer equipment via a console or local network connection and includes reboots, equipment and software trouble shooting. Billed in 15min. increments.
  • Facilities Escort - An Apvio representative must grant access to the colocation facility and escort the customer to the co-located equipment. Billed in 15min. increments.
  • After-Hours - Services provided after 6 PM Monday - Friday and all day Saturdays, Sundays, and Holidays. After-Hours services are normally needed for minimizing downtime while performing sensitive upgrades, or for emergency troubleshooting. Billed in 15min. increments with a one hour minimum.

Why Apvio Co-location? Location, Location, Location!

The Westin Building offers state-of-the-art facilities for telecom, network carriers, ISPs, ASPs, and Web Hosting companies that require high-speed network communications and facilities built to accommodate their core business requirements. The Westin Building is also home to the Seattle Internet Exchange (SIX) and Pacific Northwest Giga-Pop (PNWGP) Pacific Wave Exchange.

Mission-Critical Facility

Multiple layers of reliability consisting of 2N redundant industrial capacity power distribution systems, uninterruptible backup power, and structural engineering to withstand natural disasters, provides service providers the ability to deliver six sigma (99.9999 percent) plus availability.


The Westin Building offers 24x7 staffed checkpoints, keycard access is required to all secured areas of the building, and all activity in and out of the building is recorded. Continuous video recording of all entrances, corridors, and data facilities is provided by closed-circuit cameras.

Building Connectivity

In addition to Apvio's Dedicated IP Connectivity services, the Westin Building is abundantly wired to virtually every carrier and network provider in the Northwest. So Apvio Co-location customers can choose between multiple bandwidth providers that range from DSL to multiple OC192s and everything in between.

Also known as: Westin Building Colo, Westin Building Colocation

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Copyright © 2000 - 2012 Apvio, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
Apvio™, Life Connected™, CustomQuota™, FlexEthernet™, FlexTransit™, and FlexColo™
names, slogans, and design logos are service marks/trademarks of Apvio, Inc.

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